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U.S. Congress has never before ousted an animal or plant from Endangered Species Act protections  until now. In August, a federal district court ruled to NOT delist Western gray wolves. The case is still open on appeal. Yet Congress ignored separation of powers (between judicial and legislative branches) by taking matters into their own hands. A rider attached to the recently passed spending bill delists wolves, thereby deleting their federal safety net.

This political maneuver is unconstitutional and leaves wolves in the crossfire of state-sponsored killing. Idaho already conducted a hunt by helicopter in which wolves are cornered and shot at point blank range. Last year, pups and mothers were gassed inside their dens.

End the wanton killing of wolves and save them from extinction! Wolves are Nature's keepers, only taking what they need for survival and restoring the balance of Nature when left alone...

The governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, is supporting the slaughter of Alaskan Wolves, they go up in the helicopters, they fly around the BIG areas of Alaska, and using automatic rifles they find a wolf chase it.

The wolf has no where to run or hide, so they have a BIG chance of shooting it, so they do. The wolf is left there surrounded by its own blood stained snow wincing in pain, eventually it dies a slow painful death.

Also poisonous gas bombs are used to kill smaller canines, this has killed over 150 wolves and counting up!

Help stop this please! Even though I'm only 13 I can do alot to help animals.


They want to kill 6,000 wolves to boost the caribou herds numbers by 240 every five years in the oilsands area.
There is scientific evidence proving that a large responsibility of the declining numbers is the amount of industrialisation in the area, but it is the wolves who are going to pay for this, as they are the most cost effective way of saving the herds in peril.


Help Save America's Wolves! Click on one of the items below to take action to save wolves in the Northern Rockies and areas near Yellowstone National Park, Alaska, the American Southwest and elsewhere.

Southwest wolves are struggling to survive: the latest population count confirms only 4 breeding pairs, and 52 wolves total, in the wild! Sign the petition to support sensible, science-based management of struggling Southwest wolves.

SAVE THE WOLVES! Most people think they are agressive and dangerous wild creatures. THEY ARE NOT! There were once at least thirty different subspecies of wolf. Most have become extinct. About five subspecies survive today. In England, the last wolves were wiped out by about 1500, a few still live in eastern Europe, India, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Middle East. No one knows how many survive in Russia and China. Most wolves in North America are found in Alaska and Canada and hunters, from whom most of our knowledge of this shy creature comes from, say they are now almost impossible to find...REMEMBER! THEY ARE JUST SHY ANIMALS!! THEY ARE NOT AGRESSIVE OR DANGEROUS!! Please sign the petition if you agree! Thanks!




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